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    Only one in four Belgians visits the dentist each year


    Over 25% of Belgians do not go to the dentist every year, according to statistics from healthcare data service IAM published Tuesday. Younger and older people have the lowest visit scores, according to IAM figures. Among children aged 3 and 4, 56% have never been to the dentist, despite a visit being advised to as soon as the first teeth appear. Among those over 75, 44% did not consult a dentist for three years.

    The study also notes regional disparities, with much lower results in urban areas. The Walloons also visit the dentist less often than the Flemish, with the exception of Walloon Brabant and the Liège region.

    “Oral health is essential for important functions, such as speech and nutrition, but also at the social level. Research also shows that poor oral hygiene can in particular influence the development of diabetes and cardiovascular or respiratory diseases,” said the report.

    The Brussels Times