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    Student films perpetrator during exhibitionist incident


    Police have made a call for witnesses after a student was faced with an exhibitionist in Leuven. The victim, however, managed to film the man during the incident, according to reports in Belgian media. This has given police something to work with. 

    “I saw he was masturbating,” said the student. “I responded: Come on dude, do you think that’s normal? And bam. I got a slap in the face. “

    The student was able to walk away, but the man followed her. She took her smartphone and turned on the camera and filmed him without the man realising it. He finally left.

    The police and the public prosecutor of Leuven distributed the smartphone video on Tuesday evening via ‘Faroek live’, in the hope that someone will recognise the perpetrator. 

    It is suspected that the man has already harassed several girls.
    The Brussels Times