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    A new association for transgender children launches in Belgium


    A newly launched Belgian association is trying to create an environment for transgender children and their parents to find advice. The French-speaking Belgian association – dedicated explicitly to transgender children and their parents – aims to create a reassuring environment where families can find information and advice.

    Launched to coincide with the International Day of Transgender Visibility on March 31, the association aims to help with difficult situations, and prevent abuse, exclusion or discrimination due to a lack of understanding.

    The association will support and inform trans children and their parents, but also to educate the public and professionals.

    Transgender children have not chosen to be trans and are not sick. What generates suffering is not being trans, but not being respected in what they say by their family and friends, said a post on the association’s Facebook page.

    Let us take children seriously. Let’s allow them to be themselves, it adds. 

    The association already has plans for the upcoming Pride Festival, including a gathering reserved for children and teens from 6 to 18 years old, with animations and workshops to help these young people to live their identity to the full.

    The Brussels Times