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    Ikea will test a furniture leasing system in Belgium in 2020


    Swedish furniture company Ikea has announced it will begin tests of a furniture renting service in 30 markets, including Belgium, from 2020 The Swedish giant intends to develop leasing offers on the basis of a subscription that would allow the company to retain ownership of the products, “encouraging as much as possible their reuse until the materials and components are recycled, at the end of their life cycle.”

    Ikea has already carried out a consumer survey in a few countries on the idea. On the basis of results, the furniture rental will be tested to students in the Netherlands.

    Similar tests will be launched in thirty markets from next year, each of which will test one aspect of the future leasing offer, says a spokeswoman for Ikea in Belgium to HLN. The exact details of the experiment in Belgium are currently unclear.

    This move is part of a company-wide shift away from selling low-cost disposable furniture in response to growing environmental concerns.

    The Brussels Times