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    Majority of Belgian food trucks fail control tests

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Belgium’s agency for food safety (Afsca) stated that on average only 45% of Horeca mobile facilities like food trucks, lorry-restaurants or stands conform to standards. The main serious infringements recorded are a lack of information on substances that cause allergic reactions for customers (29.9%), non-compliance with the refrigeration chain (15.6 %), lack of personal hygiene and adequate clean clothing (13.4%), defrosting in inappropriate conditions (6.9%) and insufficient cleanliness of surfaces in contact with food (6%).
    Afsca carried out around a thousand checks last year. With only 45% of Horeca mobile facilities conformed to the regulated standards, the results show a 17% drop compared to 2017.
    This deterioration “is explained above all by the increase in matters linked to consumer information on substances that cause allergic reactions,” said Denis Ducarme, minister for the self-employed. “It is important that during inspections, it can be shown that the required information is available and communicable.”
    The rate of conformity reached 73.8% in Walloon Brabant, 31.3% in Hainaut, 36.5% in Brussels, 38.5% in Luxemburg, 40.7% in Liège and 50% in Namur. In Flanders, it fluctuated between 38.5% (Flemish Brabant) and 52.8% (Antwerp).
    The Brussels Times