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    Stranded Belgian hikers rescued from Spanish mountains

    Two Belgian hikers became stranded in the Picos de Europa mountain range in Spain. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Two Belgian hikers on Wednesday had to be rescued by a Guardia Civil helicopter after they were stranded for hours in a difficult passage of a mountain range in northern Spain, according to reports on Thursday.

    Both Belgians began their ascent of the Picos de Europa on Wednesday morning but encountered difficulties when they reached a difficult passage where trail markings were difficult to interpret, according to Spanish media.

    They continued their hike in the wrong direction until they reached a spot where they became stuck, unable to come down or continue climbing.

    The hikers managed to transmit their location at around 15:00 to the Guardia Civil, who located the stranded Belgians at an altitude of around 2,000 metres in a rescue operation made difficult by fog.

    The hikers were brought to a cable car station at around 17:00, they were unharmed but were extremely exhausted, the outlet reported.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times