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    European Bat Night to be held in Brussels on 24 and 31 August

    © Belga

    The 23rd edition of European Bat Night will be held on 24 and 31 August in Brussels.

    Organised by the nature association Natagora, it’s Flemish equivalent Natuurpunt, and Brussels Environment, the event is aimed at raising public awareness of the species.

    It also seeks to enable people to discover these small mammals, which are useful to the environment, but whose populations have been adversely affected in Europe by urbanisation, the clearing of vegetation, construction and light pollution.

    In the Brussels Region alone, there are at least 19 known species of bats.

    The bats will be on show at a “Fête des chauves-souris” (Bat Fair) on the 24th at the Rouge-Cloître in Auderghem and on the 31st at the Domaine des Silex in Watermael-Boitsfort.

    In Wallonia, European Bat Night especially targets youth movements this year, with various events organised throughout the summer.

    Oscar Schneider

    The Brussels Times