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    Belgian roadtrippers killed by deadly fumes inside parked car

    Two Belgian travellers were found dead inside their parked car in Germany and are presumed poisoned by fumes from a leaking petrol can. Credit: © Belga

    Two Belgians in their twenties were found dead inside a car in Germany at the weekend in what is presumed to be a case of death by poisoning, after a leaking petrol can was found inside the vehicle.

    The two friends, identified as 22-year-old Maxim Vaernewyck and 21-year-old Arthur Deconinck from the province of West Flanders were found in a parking lot in Stuttgart by a security guard on Sunday, according to HLN.

    Both Belgians parked their car in the parking lot of VfB Stuttgart football club on Thursday, and were said to be on their way back to Belgium after a road trip through Germany and Austria, the paper reported.

    The security guard had initially spotted them on Friday, but thought they were sleeping inside their car. When he returned to the parking lot on Sunday and found them still in the vehicle, he alerted the police.

    After a leaking petrol can was found inside their car, German police said the pair died from poisoning by breathing the toxic gas fumes, which had accumulated inside the car.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times