A stolen Suzuki, Halloween masks and a fake gun: 5 robberies in 10 days by Belgians in France
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    A stolen Suzuki, Halloween masks and a fake gun: 5 robberies in 10 days by Belgians in France

    Three Belgians travellers are facing an investigation after confessing to a string of robberies across France during a vacation.

    The two men (21 and 22 years old) and a woman (18) stole a car and committed five armed robberies in ten days across the country.

    The first criminal act – the theft of the blue Suzuki that would eventually lead to their capture – happened on the night of 23-24 October in Belgium.

    With that, the group set off to the South of France, according to reports in French media, and HLN.

    30 October: The group committed their first robbery just before closing of the McDonald’s in Montredon-des-Corbières, near the city of Narbonne. They were masked, armed and demanded the meagre contents of the cash register.

    31 October: Fitting with the evening, the group underwent their second robbery wearing Halloween masks as they entered a pharmacy in Muret just before closing time. They got away with the contents of the cash register.

    2 November: The gang hit a Carrefour supermarket in Cambo-les-Bains (near Biarritz)

    5 November: Another Carrefour supermarket in Quillan (near Carcassonne) and

    6 November: a third Carrefour supermarket in Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet (near Perpignan)

    According to the reports from the scene, these three robberies involved two masked and armed robbers wearing gloves, making away with between €500 and €1,000 each time. There were, however, no injuries from the crimes.

    During all robberies “a very recognizable blue Suzuki” with Belgian license plate came into the picture.

    8 November: The three Belgians were eventually caught in Le Perthus as they prepared to cross the border with Spain. They were in possession of an airsoft weapon which resembled a gun and confessed to the robberies during their interrogation.

    The investigation is now being handled by the police of the Montpellier gendarmerie.

    Jules Johnston
    The Brussels Times