Knife wielding patient chases two paramedics in Kortrijk
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    Knife wielding patient chases two paramedics in Kortrijk

    The two paramedics arrived at the scene in an ambulance in response to a call for assistance. Credit: Belga

    A knife-wielding patient threatened and chased two paramedics on Monday evening in Kortrijk.

    Responding to a call for assistance, the two paramedics arrived in an ambulance to take the patient to a nearby hospital.

    Soon after their arrival, however, the male patient started to behave aggressively and brought out a knife from his kitchen.

    The man threatened the two paramedics with the knife and proceeded to chase them to a nearby motorway. However, the paramedics quickly responded to the situation and alerted the police via radio.

    “Very quickly the paramedics were able to launch an emergency call. A few minutes later the police arrived at the scene. Fortunately, the ambulance officers were not injured, but they are very shaken,” the Kortrijk fire department explained in a Facebook post.

    The two paramedics did not complete the rest of their shift.

    Evie McCullough
    The Brussels Times