Frederik Vanclooster’s death due to “unlucky” fall
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    Frederik Vanclooster’s death due to “unlucky” fall

    Credit: Belga

    Frederik Vanclooster, 21, disappeared in the early hours of New Year’s Day and his body was found in the Brussels-Escaut canal on Sunday. 

    The young man disappeared near Kruitfabriek, an event’s hall in Vilvorde, after the New Year’s celebrations. His body was found by firemen yesterday, and a forensic medic and crime scene investigators examined the scene. 

    There is nothing to indicate that Fredeik Declooster’s death is suspicious, the Hal-Vilvorde Prosecutor’s office said on Sunday. 

    “Everything points to an unlucky fall,” said Procurator Ine Van Wymersch. 

    “There were no signs of violence on the body and the young man still had all his belongings on him,” said Wymersch. “There is no reason to suspect someone else was involved. An autopsy is carried out on Monday and we have requested a toxicology screen to determine the exact cause of death,” she added. 

    Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times