After Ciara and Dennis: Storm Jorge to hit Belgium this weekend

After Ciara and Dennis: Storm Jorge to hit Belgium this weekend
This time, the storm was named by Spain. Credit: Belga

After Belgium has been hit by fierce wind gusts and storms Ciara and Dennis over three consecutive weekends, the Spanish storm Jorge will rage over the country at the end of this week.

This weekend, wind gusts of up to 80 km/hour over land and up to 95 km/hour at the coast have been forecast as Jorge will reach Belgium. The storm was named by Spain, as the first country to announce 'code orange' is also the country that can pick the name.

Translation of tweet: "Saturday a lot of wind from storm Jorge. Why Jorge and not Ellen? The Spanish weather service was the first to announce a code orange and that's why the storm got a name from the French-Portuguese-Spanish family. Complicated..."

Forecasting storms is difficult, as was evidenced by storm Dennis, which hit Belgium a lot harder than initially expected, and storm Ellen, about which there is still uncertainty as a code orange alert was never announced, despite meeting all the storm requirements.

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"Saturday draws a rain zone from west to east," said weather reporter Frank Deboosere, reports VRT. "The showers are accompanied by wind gusts. On Sunday, we expect some more heavy showers," he said, adding that it will likely not be like the storms Ciara or Dennis, which reached up to 110 km/h.

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