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    Exam papers of 80 Leuven students go missing

    The exam papers from an exam taken by about 80 industrial science students, chemistry section last Monday, have gone missing on KU Leuven’s Groep T campus. The exam was on the “control procedure” lecture given by Professor Dutta Abishek. KUL regrets the incident and has said that the students concerned must re-sit the exam. Rik Gosselink, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at the KUL, says that the papers were lost as a result of a very unfortunate combination of circumstances. The teacher left the exam papers in a box on his desk and then locked them in the room. The following morning, the box had disappeared. It is thought that cleaning staff took the exam papers for a box of paper destined for recycling.

    The students will have to re-sit the exam again because there is no other way to evaluate them. “We will consult with student representatives and agree on three different dates the students can retake the exam”, said Mr. Gosselink.  KUL wants to ensure that students are able to retake the exam in the most suitable conditions. The exam will cover the same subject and be presented in the same format.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)