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    CESS exam instructions and questions leaked on Facebook


    This Monday and Tuesday, A-level students are taking the French and History standardised tests leading to the CESS (A-level equivalent). However some questions have been leaked and students have shared them on social networks, reveals the RTBF website on Monday.  For the first time, some 60,000 students are taking these exams, as they were not mandatory until now. Not only were some instructions for teachers broadcast online, but also some of the exam questions, confirmed a well-informed source.

    Monday’s French exam has already taken place, but some of the instructions given last June 5th to help teachers organise the exams were leaked online. Students were thus made aware that Belgian literature would be the topic on which some of their skills would be tested.

    Furthermore, a picture of one of the History questions for the exam taking place tomorrow was also broadcast on Facebook. However this particular question only assesses one skill, summarising, which does not involve memory. Only the topic dealt with in this question was leaked, but not the documents which must be summarised, added the same source.

    The office of minister for education Joelle Milquet deemed the situation very worrying.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)