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    Cheap telescopes for special education


    Thanks to the “Stars shine for everyone” project, special education schools can buy telescopes for as little as 100 euros. The first 10 telescopes were signed by Dirk Frimout at the Armand Pien Observatory in Ghent on Wednesday.

    “Special education schools, and schools catering to disabled children in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany can be sponsored to save money when buying telescopes,” revealed the project initiators on Wednesday. “Amateur astronomy clubs can then teach schools how to use the telescopes.” The total cost for schools is 100 euros.

    The campaign was launched by the Telescope Building Group at the Armand Pien Public Observatory at Ghent University. Belgian astronauts Dirk Frimout and Frank De Winne are supporting the project alongside German and Dutch colleagues. Dirk Frimout signed the first 10 telescopes at the official launch of the project on Wednesday.

    “Stars shine for everyone” is supported by Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde VVS (Flanders), KNVWS (Netherlands), ESERO (European Space Education Office), Brussels Planetarium, ESA (European Space Agency), and the Euro Space Society. Schools and astronomy clubs interested in the project can email the promoters at

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)