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    Belgian upper secondary teachers among best-paid in world

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Belgian teachers, both francophone and Flemish, earn in general more than their colleagues of other developed countries, according to a study published Thursday by the OECD. With the exception of upper secondary teachers, Belgian teachers however earn less than workers having a higher education.

    Kindergarten and primary teachers in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation earn 85% of the average wage of workers with higher education diplomas, which on average in other OECD countries is 74% (for kindergarten teachers) and 81% (for primary-level teachers).

    For lower secondary teachers, this salary ratio goes down to even 84%, slightly below the OECD average of 85%.

    Secondary teachers – for the most part university graduates – on the other hand, earn 4% more than other workers with similar degrees in higher education of all types in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. In Flanders, this difference reaches up to 15%, according to the study.   

    In other OECD countries, upper secondary teachers – not all of them with university degrees – earn on average 11% less than other university graduate workers of all types.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)