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    Tutoring may be tax-exempt

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Tutoring may also be practiced via the new tax-exempt complementary activities system, the minister for Social Affairs Maggie De Block indicated on the occasion of the back-to-school season. On 15 July, after a long political battle, the legislation on associative work entered into force, dealing with services between citizens and collaborative economy, better known as the “500-euro Tax-exempt.”

    Among the possibilities being offered, the new system allows parents and pupils who are looking for out-of-school support during the year, to find people able to provide them with such a support.

    Until now, “it was rather painstaking, for this activity was highly taxed and the administrative costs very heavy. Hence, many people abstained, and others were tutoring under the table,” Mrs. De Block reminds in a communiqué.

    Tutoring may now be done in an official way, tax-free and without excessive administrative costs. The income from this activity may be declared via an online application ( Complementary income under 6,130 euros per year is exempt from charges.

    Since that measure was introduced, 24 citizens have already declared they were tutoring. Today, this is the third most popular type of mutual service under this new system, according to the communiqué.

    Apart from tutoring, other useful activities during the school year appear on the list of authorized activities, which are considered as “services between citizens,” like accommodating children during or after school, dropping off or collecting pupils, accompanying children on school trips, being active in the context of a parent-teacher comity or association, doing small or occasional work on school premises or playground.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times