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    Rotating strikes – government must change agenda or step down


    “We understand that together, we must fight the Michel government”, announced Thierry Jacques, Regional Secretary of CSC Namur-Dinant (Christian Unions Federation) on Monday morning, on a picket line at the industrial park of Rhuisnes (Namur region), where 200 strikers where involved in the second rotating strike organised by the joint trade union front. “The government must change its agenda or step down”, added Guy Fays, Regional Secretary of FGTB Namur (Federal Trade Union). “We will carry on for as long as it takes for the government to notice our actions and hear our demands. The fight goes on. On December 15th, we will need to once again flex our muscles and shout out our anger”, added Guy Fays, denouncing the “anti-social and anti-economy programme” of the federal government.

    According to the Regional Secretary of FGTB, 60% of internal economic growth is the result of household spending. “Targeting workers means targeting the national economy. It is wrong to say that giving money to businesses creates jobs; they hand out 150% of what they get as subsidies to shareholders. And then we find their names in Luxleaks because of tax-saving schemes. This is what FEB (Federation of Belgian Companies) calls being public-spirited.”

    “This unacceptable, unbearable, and unfair programme targets workers, both employees and self-employed, and people on benefits, whilst people of means and shareholders will continue to enjoy life in a Belgium which has become a tax haven for them”, declared Thierry Jacques.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)