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    Only 5% of Belgians are willing to work longer


    Only one Belgian in twenty would be willing to work to the legal retirement age of 67, according to a study by the office of trend analysis Trendhuis. It was done in collaboration with the Flemish Agency of European Social Funds, and presented on Tuesday. Belgians would accept working longer if they got financial advantages and more flexible working conditions. According to the study, involving 4000 Belgian employees and employers, people who studied longer would be more inclined to work longer (25% of people asked). Only one poorly qualified Belgian in 7 would be willing to work until pension age.  

    Money is the main motivation for work, according to those asked. Around 90% said they worked to meet their needs. More than 3 Belgians in 4 also want to choose their hours and 7 out of 10 want a profession that suits their capabilities. Around 3 out of 5 people would accept would accept working longer at a profession that was at their level, the study says.

    Working must also be a source of pleasure and have meaning, according to the people asked.

    “More than half of the people asked expect their employer to define a career plan with them”, says Nathalie Bekx, CEO of Tendhuis. “At first glance, Belgians don’t want to work longer, but will if they conditions are acceptable”.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)