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    30% of people more and more unhappy with their jobs


    A third of employees feel their work is getting more unbearable, points out the 2014 Tempo-Team study by In-Sites Consulting, after interviewing 619 employees and employers in Belgium. Employees note increased tension between colleagues and with superiors and feel this tension is undermining the enjoyment they could have at work. The study also shows that 50% of employees mention they feel more stressed and have a heavier workload. Almost half worry about the changing labour market. The same number hope for more investment in management and training.

    Without these adjustments, 45% of employees and employers fear too many will be encouraged to leave the workforce  early, just when it is becoming clear that people will have to work longer before retiring.

    The study also suggests that over half of employers and a third of employees do not expect an economic upturn before the end of 2016.  Job insecurity is high and leaves people with little faith in the labour market.  Almost 20% of employees think their job will probably have disappeared in 5 years’ time, and one in 4 is more fearful of losing his job than previously.

    Both employers and employees stress the importance of coaching and training in order to better face changes in the workplace.  Three quarters of all workers would like to acquire new skills and knowledge, one in 2 would like to invest in mentoring, and 40% are open to a structural shift in their career.  But there is a big gap between the perception employees and employers have of their efforts in the field. Half of all employers think they are offering enough training opportunities, but only one third of employees feel the same. 50% of employers say they are managing personnel well, but only 25% of employees share that opinion. In fact 50% of employers feel that employees should make more of an effort and be more proactive when it comes to training and management.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)