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    Temporary lay-offs at Volvo Ghent over next few years


    The future of the Volvo plant in Ghent is safe thanks to production of the XC40, but there are other issues. The company will still have to adapt to the new production line which will require a long transition period and result in relatively high costs due to temporary lay-offs. In an interview he gave to Tijd and L’Echo on Wednesday, the CEO of Volvo Cars, Hakan Samuelssonijd said “This situation could last for years.” The entire range of Volvo models currently on the market needs to be reviewed and renewed over the next four years. Ghent will focus on the model 40 series destined for Europe.

    “The XC60 series will no longer be produced and we will have to dismantle the production line and replace it with another. I don’t think we will have any major issues with this and believe Belgium is able to handle this situation, thanks, in particular to new systems enabling us to adjust work schedules,” said Hakan Samuelsson.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)