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    Exclusion from unemployment benefit: losses of up to 1000 euros


    Since the 1st of January, tens of thousands of people who had been allowed insertion allocations have had them taken away. This is due to a Di Rupo government measure that was completed by the current coalition. The Namur CPAS president, Philippe Defeyt, said he regrets it could mean some people lose up to 1000 euros a month when he spoke to Le Soir. In certain cases, “the loss of income could be very big, up to 49%”, he added.

    Several elements explain these bigger than expected losses. “First of all, people considered as head of the household by Onem might not be according to the CPAS. The legislation is not the same”, he says. Also the CPAS allocations can fall if the household’s income changes. The job seeker’s allocation can also be reduced when a parent or child can meet their own needs. A situation that the CPAS president thinks is unfair. This is why he is asking for the legislation on employment benefit and social aid to be made the same.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)