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    “20% of jobs threatened in infrastructure sector”


    10,000 out of 50,000 current jobs in the construction and infrastructure sector could disappear in Belgium for lack of investment by 2019, warned Marc Peeters, president of ADEB (association of master construction managers), which includes 60 big contractors, on Tuesday. Authorities are investing less and less in big infrastructure projects and things are not looking good for the near future, which has the sector very worried.

    The annual poll undertaken by ADEB reveals that 68% of contractors are concerned about the future of their businesses and one third of managers are considering laying off employees.

    Although the financial figures of large construction companies are still good, mid-size businesses are struggling more, highlighted Marc Peeters, advocating the launch of new public works projects, in particular with PPP funding (private-public partnerships). This system is controversial however, as Eurostat, the European body in charge of monitoring local authorities accounts, believes public work should appear in public budgets. “If Eurostat maintains its position, PPP projects will disappear in Europe,” added the ADEB president.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)