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    Airlines will need 558,000 more pilots in the next 20 years


    Airlines will need 558,000 new pilots between now and 2034. They will be needed because of the increase in airplane traffic and to replace retired pilots, a study by Boeing says. Airlines will commission 38,000 extra airplanes over the next 20 years, according to a study of the sector’s long-term needs for pilots and technicians. As well as pilots, they will also need to take on 609,000 new maintenance technicians over the same period, to meet the increase in capacity. The biggest demand will be in Pacific Asia, where they will need 226,000 new pilots and 238,000 technicians.

    Europe will need 95,000 extra pilots and 101,000 technicians. North American airlines will need 95,000 pilots and more than 113,000 technicians. Around 47,000 pilots and the same number of technicians will be needed in Latin America. The Middle East (60,000 pilots and 66,000 technicians), Africa (18,000 and 22,000) and Russia and the Community of Independent States (17,000 and 22,000) will need the least.

    In 2015, the demand for pilots has gone up by more than 4% compared to estimates made in 2014 and around 5% compared to estimates on the number of technicians needed.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)