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    Collective sackings down in the first semester

    61 Belgian businesses announced they were planning a collective sacking between January and June 2015. In total, 2,977 jobs were lost. That’s a 60% improvement compared to the 7,377 jobs lost at 66 businesses during the same period last year. These figures were provided by the Employment SPF, and relayed by L’Echo and De Tijd on Thursday. There have been no job loss announcements from Renault since the beginning of the year. The biggest job losses were at MacTac , a glue and adhesive producer in Soignes, and the car company Peugeot, based in Braine-l’Alleud. The first let 130 workers go, the second around a hundred.

    A little more than half of jobs lost in the first semester due to collective sackings were in Flanders, with the majority in Antwerp. 31% of jobs lost were in Wallonia, and 16% in Brussels. Chemistry and Metallurgy were the hardest hit, with 557 and 483 job losses respectively. 

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)