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    “Security will not be outsourced at Brussels airport”


    Brussels Airport Company, which manages Brussels Airport, has decided not to subcontract out the airport’s security service, announced CEO Arnold Feist on Thursday, after meeting with unions. During the meeting, he says he also explained that the walk-through metal detectors in the Connector building are not malfunctioning and are, on the contrary, working better than ever before.

    On Thursday afternoon, after the meeting, Mr. Feist described it as “a productive meeting” with the unions, 2 of which (socialist and liberal) have convened a work-to-rule since Monday to highlight their concern over the future of the airport’s current security staff. The unions insisted that since last March the Connector building’s walk-through metal detectors had allowed 50 people without a valid ticket through. The CEO conceded that there had indeed been a dozen reported incidents but that they were due to the metal detectors having been improved. He also said that the security of the airport would not be subcontracted out to a private firm and that there were no plans for restructuring. He added that, on the contrary, the airport intended to provide extra training for security staff.

    According to Bart Neyens of the union ACOD (CGSP), after the meeting, both the CGSP and the CGSLB decided to call off the work-to-rule.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)