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    Stricter registration for workers on building sites


    From the 1st of March, all workers on a building site costing more than 500,000 euros will have to register. Since April 2015, this has only applied to those working on sites costing more than 800,000 euros. “Between now and 2018, we want to progressively make this apply to all sites”, the Middle classes and Self-employment minister Willy Borsus and State secretary for social fraud Bart Tommelein said on Sunday.

    This measure is designed “to combat social fraud in the sector”, and is part of “the fair competition plan for the construction sector”. This plan was signed by unions, employer’s organisations, the administration and Mr Borsus and Mr Tommelein on the 8th of July 2015.

    Thanks to online registration, the ONSS is notified of worker’s presence on a large site. Social inspectors can then quickly check the data in the system and verify that the entrepreneurs and sub-contractors are up to date with social charges.

    “The fight against social dumping is a high priority for our government. We will recruit staff to do more checks on the field. In 2015, the fight against social fraud in the construction sector claimed back 39 million euros”, the MR Minister said.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)