Paying attention to satisfaction for keeping older persons working
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    Paying attention to satisfaction for keeping older persons working

    Enjoyment in the workplace does not generate sufficient interest in Belgium, even though it is an essential factor for prolonging work careers. This was the conclusion reached by the human resources service provider Tempo-Team, based on a study presented Tuesday. 

    One out of two persons in Belgium states working only out of necessity, and only one in four is willing to continue his or her work career until the age of 67, according to Tempo-Team. The provider noted a considerable difference with Scandinavian countries, where work careers last on average 41 years, versus only 32 in Belgium.

    “The success of their method is related to known factors: stimulating satisfaction derived from jobs through interesting work, training and compatible positions, as well as the active use of the knowledge and experience possessed by older workers,” highlighted Valérie Denis of Tempo-Team.

    Belgian companies do not invest enough in keeping older workers, stated the service provider. Less than one in three companies adapts the management positions, or the work content and conditions to the age of their staff, according to the study. 

    In order to prolong their careers, workers particularly demand a better balance between work and private life, as well as more attention to training and the establishment of positions. 

    Employers and employees agree on the importance of sound cooperation between generations. However, according to the study, only one in three companies pays enough attention to transmitting skills between older and younger workers. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)