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    Employment aid reform to enter into force on 1 October

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    © Belga

    The reform of employment aid will come into effect on 1 October in the Brussels region, Didier Gosuin said on Wednesday. According to the Regional Minister for the Economy, Employment and Vocational Training, this reform meets the three objectives of simplification, brusellisation and transition. An annual budget of nearly 255 million euros has been allocated to the reform which will benefit more than 18,000 job seekers from Brussels.

    “The objective of the reform is to give the people of Brussels access to the labour market”, he said. “It is therefore no longer a mechanism for helping companies, but rather for the activation of the people of Brussels.”

    The target audiences for the reform are low-skilled, long-term (one year) job seekers under the age of 30 as well as older workers.

    The Activa system will be simplified. Only one mechanism will be in place, compared to the previous 28. It will be focused on Brussels and will therefore address only job seekers registered with Actiris and domiciled in the Brussels Region.

    Finally, the system will facilitate the transition to employment since it will be possible to claim assistance immediately under certain conditions. If an undertaking, regardless of whether it is in Brussels or not, employs a Brussels citizen who meets the Activa criteria, at least part-time and under a contract of at least six months’ duration, it will be eligible for financial support. This will amount to 15,900 euros spread out over 30 months.

    The ordinance, voted on 1 June in the Brussels Parliamentary Committee, will be discussed in a plenary on 16 June.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times