Belgium has never had so many people in work, says Maggie De Block
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    Belgium has never had so many people in work, says Maggie De Block

    Belgium has nearly 55,000 more paid workers compared to last year, 47,946 of them in the private sector, according to the latest figures from the national social security office (ONSS) published on Tuesday.

    “Belgium has never had so many people in work,” the minister for social affairs Maggie De Block (Open Vld) was pleased to note.

    According to the minister, companies created more jobs thanks to the reduction in employers contributions.

    Employers’ social security contributions for example has gone down from 32.4% to 25%. “The policy led over the last few years is bearing fruit,” De Block added. “These vacant posts are being filled, which allows purchasing power to be increased and more to be contributed to social security.”

    The employment rate in the 20-64 age group has reached 70% “but there is progress still to be made,” she continued. “High wage costs continue to concern Belgian companies, but they are no longer their main problem. The biggest problem is finding good employees.”

    The minister recalled that the number of vacant positions is currently at a historic high in Belgium, with 147,700 vacant job positions. “We must now fill these vacant posts,” the minister emphasised.

    The Brussels Times