Coronavirus: Belgium may test contacts of infected citizens twice
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    Coronavirus: Belgium may test contacts of infected citizens twice

    Credit: Belga

    People contacted by contact tracers should be able to be tested, even if they do not show coronavirus symptoms, and they should even be allowed to be tested twice, said Walloon Health Minister Christie Morreale on Tuesday.

    A new strategy to this effect was defined last Saturday during a meeting with Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, the Ministers-Presidents and the various Ministers of Health, she told a committee of the Walloon Parliament.

    The principle would be to “use two tests in order to reduce the quarantine period by five days if they are negative.” It remains to be defined exactly on which days these PCR tests would be carried out, taking into account the incubation period of the virus. 

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    Until now, persons contacted by contact tracers were not necessarily administered a screening test, if the person did not show any symptoms of illness. On the other hand, quarantine is recommended.

    Belgium’s regions are also asking for an increase in testing capacity, now that the tests are actually available. This request was relayed to the federal government at the Interministerial Health Conference, Christie Morreale detailed in committee.

    The Brussels Times