A Tournai project and a Brussels project awarded at the “Reintegration awards”
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    A Tournai project and a Brussels project awarded at the “Reintegration awards”

    The “Reintegration Awards” were given out during a ceremony in Namur on Thursday. They awarded two mental health projects. The judge’s award (5,000 euros) went to “The Workshop”, by the Le Gué medical centre in Tournai. The Brussels association “Le Funamble” received the public’s award (2,500 euros) for its talk groups “Lets talk about bi-polar!”.

    Every year, the Reintegration awards rewards projects that want to destigmatise mental illness, and reintegrate people that suffer from it.

    “L’Atelier was awarded as the project is accessible to all vulnerable people. It’s not just for those identified as mentally ill. It’s people who are struggling temporarily or who have struggled in the past reaching out to others who are suffering. It allows real exchange”, says Christiane Bontemps, director of the Mental health reference centre (CRéSaM).

    The initiative by “Le Funambule”, which won the public vote, is run by people suffering from, or who have suffered from, bi-polar disorder. “They are talk groups that allow people to feel less alone with their illness”, says Christiane Bontemps.

    Before the ceremony, there was a round table with the theme “Talking to the media about mental illness”.

    Anyone could struggle with mental illness one day: One Belgian in three over 15 years old (32%) suffers psychological problems and 18% suffer episodes of suspected mental breakdown. 

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)