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    The management of the eHealth platform by its boss criticized


    Frank Robben, 53, the Director of the eHealth platform, the public social security institution tasked with the exchange of electronic information on health, is the subject of heavy internal criticism. This is according to the Journal du médecin. He has responded to his critics. “The criticism started at the end of last summer after 7 or 8 people, 2 of them Doctors, left eHealth in the space of 15 months”, explains Nicolas De Pape, chief editor of the Journal du médecin. They have several anonymous witness statements that accuse Mr Robben of “authoritarian management”.

    “Something substantial is going on”, says the chief editor. According to the witnesses questioned by the paper, Mr Roben is “egotistical”, “demoralizing”, and “condescending”. He lives like a “hermit” in a studio flat next to the offices and boasted about only spending 10 euros in a month, the paper says.

    Frank Robben has responded to the accusations through the same paper. “I am someone who listens a lot. I didn’t write the roadmap for eHealth myself. We made it as a group of 300 people”, he says.

    “Every 4 or 5 years, I make new things. I can be proud of the entrepreneurship that I brought to the public sector. In 25 years, the Social Security Carrefour Bank (BCSS) has never known been more efficient, with a billion exchanges a year”.

    Frank Robben created the BCSS in 1991. He was also the architect behind the electronic identity card. Since 2007, he has managed the eHealth platform. His mandate finishes in the Spring, but he wants to continue. “My evaluation is done by the management committee. That’s what it’s there for”, he reminds people.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)