Several cases of “Norwegian scabies” diagnosed in Liège
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    Several cases of “Norwegian scabies” diagnosed in Liège

    The health department of Liège council revealed via a press release on Wednesday that several vulnerable people, mostly homeless, had been diagnosed with a particularly contagious type of “Norwegian scabies”. The Public Social Assistance Centre (CPAS) in Liège, which uncovered this epidemic, and the Social Support Organisation, consequently implemented an action plan. Scabies is an infectious skin disease caused by an invisible dust-mite and which leads to terrible itching.

    Though “Norwegian scabies” is a particularly contagious type of scabies, “it cannot spread through furtive contact, and needs intimate contact (such as sleeping in the same bed or exchanging clothes, etc.) to spread,” explains the health department of the Liège council in the press release.

    To avoid the Liège-region epidemic spreading, an action plan has already been put in place by the emergency service of t Liège CPAS and the Social Support structure.

    “People suffering from the disease are invited to go to the premises of the NGO Operation Thermos (80 Rue Chevaufosse, in Liège), and this message is being broadcast at various accommodation centres and at Liège CPAS,” explains Gabriel Mahran, deputy to Fouad Chamas, the alderman in charge of health. “After taking a shower there, they will see a doctor and receive appropriate treatment. Furthermore, the city authorities have bought treatment creams. Clothing and bedding will also be disinfected.”

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)