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    In 75% of cases state pension not covering nursing home costs

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Around 75% of older people do not have sufficient income to cover the monthly cost of their stay in nursing homes, a survey by the Socialist mutual group Solidaris, which is reported on Friday in the Sudpresse publications states. Moreover, the fees have rocketed by more than 20% in six years.

    The average monthly stay has gone up to 1,487 euros, yet the average statutory pension is a gross amount of 776 euros for women and 1,075 euros for men. The monthly shortfall to plug is therefore 711 euros for the former and 412 euros for the latter.

    Only the 25% of older people with the highest incomes are in a position to pay it owing to their pension income being at the same level as the average cost of a stay in a care home, according to data cross-referenced by Solidaris.

    The survey by Solidaris also points out the disparity in the average total incomes between regions (for example 1,388 euros in Wallonia and 1,497 euros in Brussels), and even as between provinces going from 1,252 euros in the province of Hainaut to 1,518 euros in Walloon Brabant.

    Disparities have also been stated by La Libre Belgique on the basis of figures from FPS Economy. The newspaper states that care home prices have increased by 20% in the last six years according to government data.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)