General practitioners may now also initiate the course of reintegration for long-term patients
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    General practitioners may now also initiate the course of reintegration for long-term patients

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    As of 20 June, general practitioners will also be able to initiate the course of reintegration for patients, Social and Public Health Minister, Maggie De Block, announced on Friday. In consultation with INAMI and the eHealth platform, the minister’s strategic cell finalised a digital “reintegration file” tool for general practitioners.

    In addition to the prevention counselor and the medical adviser, the general practitioner is now the third type of care provider that can initiate a course of reintegration for which the employee can also take the initiative.

    According to Ms De Block’s office (Open Vld), the initiation of a course of reintegration generally takes place as follows: if an employee is ill for more than a month, he/she can present him/herself. Within three months from the first day of illness, the medical officer shall notify the preventive service of the company when the long-term patient is able to return to work in his own opinion.

    A similar course of reintegration is initiated upon consultation with the patient.

    The new tool for general practitioners is available via eForms, a template that is part of the general software of general practitioners.

    When a general practitioner concludes, in consultation with the patient, that the patient is eligible for a course of reintegration, he/she can simply open the new “reinstatement file” tab in eForms and start a course of reintegration.

    The general practitioner can immediately indicate what possibilities he sees and what factors to consider regarding the patient. He may make a proposal. The doctor may also attach some confidential and locked medical items, which can only be opened by a medical colleague who is also subject to the obligation of medical confidentiality.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times