Belgians have eaten too little fruit and vegetables for too long
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    Belgians have eaten too little fruit and vegetables for too long

    The National Food Consumption Survey collected figures that show Belgians are not eating enough fruit. Less than ten percent consume fruit. The week from 19 to 25 March is dedicated to advice about fruit, vegetables and water. A poll dating from 2014-2015 shows that people in the Netherlands eat an average of 110 grams of fruit per day. That corresponds to one piece of fruit a day and that is too little. The recommended amount of fruit per adult is 250 to 300 grams, or about three pieces of fruit. Only nine percent of Belgians comply with this guideline.

    Furthermore, it appears that we do not put enough vegetables on the plate. The average is 145 grams per day and that isless than half of the recommended amount of 300 grams. Especially children and teenagers – from ten to seventeen years – should eat more vegetables. No less than 99 percent do not meet the recommended portion.

    The National Food Consumption Survey also shows that 73 percent of Belgians drink too little water or non-sugared drinks such as tea, coffee and soup. Here too, children and young people fall short. More than 98 percent of the six to nine year olds should drink more water. The age category of the ten to thirteen-year-olds also scored badly at 95 percent.

    Although the figures are four to five years old, according to the Flemish Professional Association of Dietitians, little has changed in our eating habits since then. Practical tips to boost your fruit and vegetable consumption and drink more water: do not eat three pieces of the same fruit a day to prevent boredom, but go for variation. Set your alarm on your smartphone every hour to drink a glass of water. At the end of the day you get eight glasses, which more or less corresponds to the recommended one and a half liters.

    The Brussels Times