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    Aroma diffusers pollute indoor air, researchers say

    © Sulen Lee/ Flickr
    © Sulen Lee/ Flickr

    A new study from a local consumer organisation has shown that oil-based aroma diffusers severely pollute indoor air. According to a new study from Belgian consumer organisation Test-Aankoop, many aroma diffusers using ethereal oil pollute indoor air. They also expose users’ airways and skin to irritating and allergenic substances.

    The Test-Aankoop article was based on the results of a study performed by its French sister organisation, 60 millions de consommateurs.

    “The tested products often contain allergenic fragrances such as limonene, geraniol or linalol. But those are not always mentioned on the packaging,” Test-Aankoop said in its article. “This doesn’t make it easy to choose a diffuser without these substances. In addition, some of these diffusers spread – sometimes very high levels of them– volatile organic compounds.”

    A Puressentiel product tested by the French researchers for instance contained 23 undesirable substances, including allergens and irritating substances.

    Linda A. Thompson
    The Brussels Times