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    Swiss supporter convicted of dropping his trousers


    A 25-year-old Swiss man has has received an 8-day suspended prison sentence by Bruges criminal court for gross indecency. This Zurich Grasshoppers football club supporter dropped his trousers in the stadium during a game against Club Brugge. The game was played late August in Belgium in the first leg of the Europa League. During the match, Swiss fans who had made the trip wreaked havoc in the Jan Breydel Stadium and ten troublemakers were arrested at the time. Alexander VA was  issued a summons to appear in court after he tried to provoke rival fans by dropping his trousers.

    The defendant’s lawyer requested his client be simply fined, arguing that his actions were in reaction to the behaviour of some Club Brugge supporters during the home match. The Club Brugge supporters reportedly carried out a pre-match attack on a shopping centre.

    Alexander Va finally got an 8-days suspended sentence and a fine of 156 euros.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)