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    Driving under the influence of drugs soars


    In five years, the number of drivers testing positive for three types of drugs (combining cocaine and morphine products with amphetamines or cannabis) has doubled in Belgium. This is according to figures from the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science (Institut National du Criminologie et Criminalistique, INCC), which La Derniere Heure reported on Monday. The number of drivers under the influence has steadily gone up since 2009. This is particularly true for drivers who tested positive for hard drugs (cocaine), as the number has increased by 62.5%, from 125 in 2010 to 203 in 2013.

    The number of drivers who tested positive for both cocaine and morphine products has tripled, as has the number of drivers who tested positive for amphetamines and cocaine (20 in 2009 compared to 56 in 2013). Alcohol is also present in the majority of cases.

    The drug most detected in driver is cannabis: 4362 positive tests since 2009, with an increase of 23% between 2012 (777) and 2013 (956).

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)