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    Sharia4Belgium – Judgment delayed by a month


    The judgment in the terrorism trial involving the presumed members of the Islamist group Sharia4Belgiumhas been delayed. The Antwerp Correction Tribunal is taking an extra month. The judgment was initially expected on the 14th of January. This information was released by the lawyer representing Fouad Belkacem, one of the main defendants, and reported by the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws on Friday. The trial for the 46 presumed terrorists linked to Sharia4Belgium started in Antwerp on the 29th of September. The tribunal closed the trial for deliberation on the 10th of December.

    “We received a message on Thursday to say the tribunal was not yet ready. This delay has nothing to do with the dramatic events in Paris”, said John Maes, lawyer for Fouad Belkacem. “I would have been very surprised if the judge had been able to make a decision in just a month, anyway. My conclusions alone are 160 pages long”.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)