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    Police will speed-check customized electronic bicycles


    Police are preparing to speed-check electronic bikes, which have become more and more popular in Belgium. The Home Affairs minister confirmed this information in a response by parliament, which was relayed by the Mediahuis papers on Friday. Through these checks, police hope to put a stop to dangerous situations involving electronic bikes. The Economy SPF (Services Publics Fédéraux) recently noticed that numerous bikes can still go faster than the 25km/h permitted.

    Up to now, people riding electronic bikes were not speed-checked or sanctioned. That will now change. Police have a prototype speed-gun adapted for these bikes.

    The federation for the Federvelo sector and cycling associations expect the judicial rulings on the rights and obligations of electronic bicycle owners will be ready for the summer. Police can then start the speed-checks. 

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)