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    The FAST caught 316 criminals on the run in 2014


    The federal police’s FAST helped catch 316 criminals on the run last year. These fugitives should have been in prison or were wanted by foreign police, the VRT revealed on Wednesday. In 2013, 325 criminals on the run were caught by the “Fugitive Active Search Team”. The head of FAST, Martin Vansteenbrugge, is happy with his team’s results. “We succeeded in locating 316 fugitives in Belgium and abroad. We are still looking for 1,532 people. Every year, we put 20% of known fugitives in prison”, he said. “They are murderers, thieves, rapists, human traffickers and international drug smugglers”.

    Around a third (104) people were arrested in Belgium last year. The rest were found abroad.

    Since its creation in 1999, FAST has opened 5,201 cases.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)