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    The Brussels Civil Court rules Dieudonné lied about his show


    The referral Brussels Civil Court did not agree with the arguments put forward by the French comedian Dieudonné and his production house, who think that the Forest National theatre cancelled their contract without a valid reason. Antwerps Sportpaleis, which owns the Forest National, signed a contract with Productions de la plume for a Dieudonné show at the Forest National on the 17th of May. But it suspended ticket sales, claiming it had been duped about the nature of the show. Productions de la plume took Antwerps Sportpaleis to the referral Brussels Court of First Instance, to try and force the Forest National manager to stick to the contract they signed in August 2014. The contract concerned a Dieudonné show at the Forest National on the 17th of May 2015. But Antwerps Sportpaleis suspended ticket sales. The theatre’s owner said the contract was not valid as they had been duped.

    In such a case, the unilateral rupture of a contract is justified, according to Counsels David Wasserman and Christophe Goosens, the lawyers for the Belgian League against Anti-Semitism (LBCA). The League voluntarily joined the trial to support Antwerps Sportpaleis. “The judge sided with us. He made his decision on the 2nd of April, and we just heard about it”, said Christophe Goosens on Monday. “He thought that Dieudonné’s production house, Productions de la Plume, hid the satirical content of the show, claiming it was called “The Beast”, when it was really called “The Foul Beast”. This phrase is often used to talk about Nazism, Fascism and Anti-Semitism”, the lawyer explained. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)