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    Verviers: people partied with bodies of Belgian jihadists


    According to the Wednesday edition of La Dernière Heure, l’Inspection Générale de la Police Intégrée (Belgian police disciplinary body) were in possession on Tuesday of at least two very disturbing photos related to the autopsy of the 2 Belgian jihadists killed in Verviers. The photos prove beyond doubt that, following the autopsy of the 2 terrort suspects at the IML (responsible for investigating suspicious deaths), several as yet unidentified individuals popped champagne and partied in the autopsy room and apparently, over and around the 2 bodies.  Liège Chief Prosecutor, Christian de Valkeneer, confirmed the information to the newspaper. It would appear that the people in the photos are not forensic medical examiners.

    Christian de Valkeneer called the behaviour of the people in the photos “totally unacceptable.” Both the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Brussels-based investigating judges who specialise in terrorism were immediately alerted. The selfies had been circulated on the Intranet of the Radical Islam section of the DR3, the counterterrorist faction of the PJF de Bruxelles (Brussels federal police force).

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)