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    Drivers speeding in company cars will be punished


    Drivers speeding in a company car will not be able to escape fines from the 16th of September. A database will let police send fines directly to the driver of the vehicle, the Het Laaste Nieuws and De Morgen reported on Tuesday. In Belgium, nearly a quarter of fines for speeding involve company cars, whereas just 15% of cars are company cars. Drivers tend do to more kilometers with these vehicles, but they also think they can drive faster as any fines they incur will be sent directly to their boss.

    A loophole in the legislation means some drivers using leased cars are acquitted if they don’t pay their fines.

    The Mobility Minister, Jacqueline Galant (MR), has decided to start a pilot project in September to address the situation. A new database on companies that lease cars will be put in place. Police will then be able to find out which company rented the vehicle, and who the driver was. The fines will then be sent directly to the driver.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)