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    A criminal gang uses the Monitor to rob businesses

    The Justice department is looking for Bulgarian fraudsters who use the Monitor’s data to rob businesses. The criminals can easily register as a “delegate administrator” for a business, and therefore access its accounts, the Mediahuis papers and De Tijd reported on Wednesday. Around a dozen businesses in Termonde, Furnes and Antwerp have already been subjected to attempted thefts, which have so far failed.

    Lawyer Jan Tuerlinckx, who works for the businesses concerned, is surprised how easy it is to register as a delegate administrator with the Belgian Monitor. “You only need to print out a standard formula, fill it in and hand it to a Chamber of Commerce registry, saying you’re a new delegate administrator. A signature on the back of the formula, and it’s done”, he explains. “10 days later, the modification is done by the Monitor, and you can access the business’ capital”, he says.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)