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    Twice as many foreigners caught speeding on Belgian roads


    Nearly twice as many foreigners were flashed on Belgian roads last year, VTM Nieuws said on Tuesday evening. They were basing themselves on figures provided by the police. 323,721 foreigners were flashed in 2014, 44% more than the year before (224,536). The main reason for this increase is the installment of section radars, which most foreigner drivers don’t know about. Dutch drivers are caught speeding the most: 97,901 Dutch drivers were caught speeding last year, compared to 93,199 French drivers and 38,793 drivers from Luxemburg. The majority of fines remain unpaid, as many countries don’t want to pass on their resident’s details.

    The federal Mobility Minister, Jacqueline Galant, wants all drivers caught speeding to receive their fine via a letter sent to their house. She wants all European countries to share details for foreign offenders, which is already the case in France. Mrs Galant hopes to get a bill on this issue approved by Parliament in September.

    Last year, only 160,000 foreigners paid their fine.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)