Gang arrested for abduction and forced prostitution of children
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    Gang arrested for abduction and forced prostitution of children

    A 22-year-old man suspected of illegally confining at least two underage girls and forcing them into prostitution has been arrested, indicated the Brussels Public Prosecutor on Tuesday, confirming information published in the daily, La Capitale. The suspect, Tema K, was arrested and charged with rape of a minor under 16 but more than 14 years old, human trafficking, illegal confinement, exploitation by prostitution in aggravating circumstances and using threats accompanied by orders or conditions. At the request of the investigating judge, the Public Prosecutor will not comment further upon the case.

    The man was arrested during Saturday night, states La Capitale. A young girl, aged 15, called her mother at around 11:00 pm and asked her to contact the police as she felt she was in danger. The police managed to locate the teenager in a flat on Rue Rossini. The policemen found not only the young girl there but also another underage girl who had been held for several days and forced into prostitution.

    Two men, P.M. and Tema K, and a woman, H.M, were also found in the flat. All three were arrested and their cases heard by the investigating judge, who placed Tema K. under arrest. The latter already has a criminal record. La Capital also reports that the gang regularly used the flat to hold parties during which underage girls were held against their will and raped.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)