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    Ali Aarrass affair: three Brussels MPs join the hunger strike


    Three Brussels MPs will take part in the hunger strike being held in front of the Foreign Affairs SPF on Sunday, in support of Ali Aarrass. The Belgian-Moroccan is being held in Morocco, and has been on hunger strike since the 27th of August.

    The three regional MPs are Zoé Genot (Ecolo), Jamal Ikazban (PS) and Youssef Handichi (PTB).

    The hunger strike was started by Farida Aarrass, Ali Aarrass’ sister. It began in the Parc du petit Sablon, near the Foreign Affairs ministry, the day after her brother was taken to the intensive care unit at Rabat hospital.

    The 53 year old Belgian librarian was extradited to Morocco from Spain in 2010, where he was convicted of “illegal use of weapons” and being a member of a group planning to commit terrorist acts in 2012. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He has always claimed his conviction was based on a confession obtained through torture.

    Farida Aarrass has criticised the Belgian authorities for refusing to offer consulate help to her brother. She has denounced Belgian discrimination against those of Moroccan origin. Moroccan nationality is never lost, and is linked to origins, and not where a person was born. “My brother is a full Belgian citizen. He was born in Spain, and lived there for 15 years before living in Belgium for 28 years. He was never lived in Morocco”, says Farida Aarrass.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)